The 12 Universal Tropes of Science Fiction
Science fiction is a genre of writing that has been around since the late nineteenth century and is now one of the most popular genres in the world. It is a genre that is difficult to define, but can generally be described as stories that take place in the future or in a different world, and that include elements of science and technology that are not yet possible.
Science fiction has many sub-genres, including space opera, cyberpunk, and post-apocalyptic fiction. It also has many tropes, or common elements, that are found in most science fiction stories. Here are ten of the most universal tropes of science fiction:

The 10 Universal Tropes of Science Fiction

1. A Fictional World
The first element to science fiction is that it takes place within a fictional world. This can be a world that is set in the future, or it could be a world that is set on another planet.

2. Advanced Technology
Science fiction is often based around the idea of advanced technology. This could be things like spaceships, ray guns, and robots.

3. Scientific or Technological Advancements
Science fiction often times is related to scientific or technological advancements. Science fiction stories are normally based around the idea of these advancements, whether they be realistic (such as cloning) or unrealistic (such as living machines).

4. Human Condition
While not quite an element in itself, science fiction often delves into the human condition and all that makes us who we are as a race. This can be things such as population or space travel.

5. Aliens and Other Creatures
Science fiction often times includes the idea of aliens and other creatures, whether they be from Earth or some other world entirely. Science fiction normally either creates creature on their own or takes creatures from mythology to use in their stories.

6. The Future
Science fiction is often based around the future, and what it may hold. This can be things such as new technology or different ways of life.

7. Adventure and Excitement
Science fiction is often an exciting genre that contains a lot of adventure. This could be anything from space battles to exploring new worlds.

8. Utopia or Dystopia
In the future, science fiction often times shows either a utopia (a perfect world) or a dystopia (an imperfect world). In many cases, these worlds are created ones that have never before existed in real life.

9. Social Classes and Hierarchies
Science fiction often deals with the idea of social classes and hierarchies. This could be anything from different alien species to humans in the future.

10. The Unrealistic Made Real
Science fiction is often based around the unrealistic, but making it seem real in their stories. Some examples would be faster than light travel or telepathic communication.

11. Religion
Science fiction is not always secular, and often includes religious elements in its stories. This can be anything from a godlike creature to a more subtle use of religion as part of the story.

12. Morality
Science fiction is often thought-provoking, and uses morality as one of its main themes. This could be anything from the use of genetic editing to the idea of an oppressive government.

Science fiction is a genre that has been around for a long time and contains many different tropes, or elements, that are found in most stories within the genre. These tropes often explore different aspects of the human condition, such as adventure and excitement, or morality. While not all science fiction stories include all of these tropes, they are some of the most commonly found in the genre.

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