Most Popular Themes in Science Fiction
People who love science fiction are everywhere. It’s the most popular genre of books, movies and TV shows in America. If you go to a bookstore, more than half of the shelves will be filled with sci-fi novels and story collections. You can hardly watch TV without seeing an episode of Star Trek or some other science fiction show. There are dozens and dozens of sci-fi movies every year.

But if you look closely at the pieces of sci-fi and fantasy we enjoy, there seem to be patterns in the stories we like best again and again. If you were challenged to think up a new story in this genre, what would you come up with?

The truth is that science fiction writers have been borrowing each other’s ideas for decades. And readers can’t seem to get enough of the same old themes.

In this article, we’re going to explore the most popular themes in science fiction:

1) Post-apocalyptic world
People love to read and watch stories about the Post-apocalyptic world because it is a genre that is full of adventure, mystery and suspense. In a Post-apocalyptic world, anything can happen and the stakes are always high. This makes for an exciting and unpredictable story that is sure to keep readers engaged until the very end.

2) Aliens
Aliens are a staple of science fiction and they have been since the beginning. They come in all shapes and sizes, from the friendly E.T. to the horrifying xenomorphs in Alien. Readers love to explore the idea of what life would be like if we were to encounter intelligent aliens from another planet.

3) Space travel
Space travel is another one of the most popular themes in science fiction. This is probably because it is such an unexplored area. What kind of creatures lurk out there in the vast emptiness of space? Writers can take readers on any number of adventures in space, from exploring new planets to fighting off alien’s attacks.

4) Robots and A.I.
Science fiction writers have always loved to explore the idea of robots, especially human-like robots that think for themselves. These days it is more than just an exploration of what it means to be human, it is also a warning about how we treat each other and whether or not intelligent machines could one day take over the world.

5) Dystopian future
A Dystopian future is a popular theme in science fiction because it speaks to our fears about the world we are living in today. In a Dystopian future, society has gone downhill and it is usually ruled by a totalitarian government. This makes for an interesting story with lots of action and suspense.

6) Mysterious space object
From the movie Signs to the TV series The Event, extraterrestrial objects are a common theme in science fiction. Readers love to be left guessing about what these unknown objects are, where they came from and what their purpose is, if any. If you’re thinking up your own science fiction story, you could do no wrong by including a mysterious space object.

7) Time travel
Time travel is another one of the most popular themes in science fiction. This is because it allows writers to explore all sorts of interesting ideas and possibilities. Readers love to see characters travel back in time to meet historical figures or visit different time periods.

8) Parallel universes
Parallel universes are also a very popular theme in science fiction. This is because the possibilities are endless. For example, a story with parallel universes might include romance between characters who live on different Earths or it might be set up like The Twilight Zone with each episode taking place in its own unique world.

9) Superpowers
Superpowers are always a popular theme in science fiction. This is because they allow for lots of action and excitement. Writers can explore all sorts of different scenarios with superpowers, from a world where everyone has superpowers to a world where only a select few have them.

10) Chosen one
The chosen one is a popular theme in science fiction because it follows a classic hero’s journey. The chosen one might be the last of their kind, the only survivor of some great disaster or simply someone who was meant for greatness all along. Whatever the case may be, readers love to see how this character deals with being chosen and what obstacles they must overcome in order to fulfill their destiny.

Science fiction is a genre that has captivated readers for years. Themes range from aliens to time travel – there are so many options! If you’re looking for your next great science-fiction novel, check out the themes above and find some new reading material. Who knows, you might even find your next favorite book.