10 Reasons Why Dystopian Is a Must Read Genre
Dystopian novels are a hot commodity for one reason: they provide readers with an escape. For those looking to live vicariously, dystopian worlds offer the perfect opportunity to explore different settings and story lines without risking real world consequences.
In these often dark, gritty places, you’ll find characters who have been stripped of their humanity as well as others that still cling onto it tightly even in the face of adversity. Dystopians also show us how much we rely on technology and what can happen when we lose sight of life’s true values.
There is no shortage of dystopian stories out there for fans to enjoy – but which ones should be at the top of your list?
Here are ten reasons why dystopian novels should be a must read genre for all fans.
1. Dystopian Fiction Will Make You Think
Dystopian novels will make you think because they offer a different perspective on the world. In a dystopian world, you’ll find that things are often very different than what you’re used to. This can cause you to rethink your own values and how you view the world.

2. Dystopian Novels Allow Us to Explore Our Humanity in the Face of Adversity
Dystopian novels are a great place to explore human nature. In a world where things have gone wrong, we get to see how different people react in different situations. We also get to see how people can change – for better or worse – when faced with difficult circumstances.

3. Dystopian Novels Offer a Glimpse Into the Future
Dystopian novels offer a glimpse into the future. This is often done through a fictional lens, but it can still be eye opening. By reading about how different events could play out, we’re able to better prepare for potential future scenarios.

4. Dystopian Novels Are Often Dark and Gritty
Dystopian novels are often dark and gritty. This can be a bit of a shock to the system, but it’s also what makes them so captivating. In a world gone wrong, there is often little that is happy or light. Fans of darker stories will love dystopian fiction for this reason.

5. Dystopian Worlds Teach Us How to be Selfless in the Face of Individualism
Dystopian novels often touch on values like selflessness and individuality. They show us how important it is to care about others without losing sight of ourselves in the process.

6. These Books Challenge Societal Norms and Cultural Beliefs
Dystopian societies are often full of rules, regulations, and limitations. They show us what happens when society breaks down and how people can fall into destructive behaviors.

7. Dystopian Novels Provide Escape – For Everyone
Dystopian novels provide escape. They allow readers to experience different worlds and live vicariously through characters that come from wildly different backgrounds and circumstances. This can be a relief for some people, but it can also be eye opening for others.

8. Dystopian Novels Can Show Us How to Better Live in the Present
Dystopian novels help us to live in the present. They often show us how our attachment to technology can be a negative thing and what we risk when we lose focus on spiritual values like compassion, kindness, and love.

9. Dystopian Novels Help You Understand Your Own Values
Dystopian novels help you understand your own values. In a world gone wrong, you’ll find characters that cling to certain beliefs and others who have altered their own values to fit what’s happening around them. Seeing this allows readers to gain understanding of their own personal belief system.

10. Dystopian Novels Can Give You Hope for the Future
Dystopian novels show us that there is always hope for the future. Even in the darkest of worlds, there is a chance for redemption and a better tomorrow. This can give readers hope and inspire them to work towards a brighter future.

What are your thoughts on dystopian novels? Do you think they offer something special that other genres don’t? Let us know in the comments below!