Most Famous Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Area 51

There are many theories about what goes on at Area 51, and the most famous ones are certainly conspiracy theories. With those who believe that aliens have been kept here for years, just as the US government has always tried to deny.
Here are some facts about Area 51 and its conspiracies:

1) Some people say that a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, 1947, and the US military took it to Area 51 for study. Why would the government want to keep this a secret?

2) Some people believe that the US military has been working with aliens since 1947, and that Area 51 is the place where they do all their research.

3) There are videos on the internet of strange lights and aircraft over Area 51, which some people believe are proof of the existence of aliens.

4) People have seen planes flying over Area 51, and have taken pictures of them which are blurry. They say these are pictures of alien spaceships.

5) Some people believe that Area 51 is the place where scientists are studying crop circles. They say this because they have found radiation in these Crop Circles, and that could only be created by neutron bombs or high powered lasers used at area. This could be proof of alien activity, as the government would never own up to using such technologies!

6) Some people say that Area 51 does not exist, and is just a mirage. They say this because they have studied the Sand-Sea border of the base on Google Earth, and seen nothing but what looks like a mirage. How can something so big not be real?

7) Some people believe that there are alien body guards for Area 51 that prevent anyone from going near the base. They say this because they have read reports of people getting shot at by something unknown when they got too close to Area 51.

8) Some people believe that a dead alien is being kept in a secret basement under Area 51. Why would the government want to keep it hidden?

9) Some people believe that the US military has found an alien base under Area 51, where they have been keeping aliens captive for some time. They say this is why not one person has seen an alien leave or enter Area 51!

10) Some people believe that all the scientists who work at Area 51 are aliens from another planet. Can you imagine what their intentions are?

In conclusion, Area 51 is a hotbed for conspiracy theories. The US government has always denied the existence of aliens at Area 51 and this denial may be just an elaborate cover up to keep us from knowing how they are really using it. What do you think? And if that was not enough, there are many more conspiracies about what goes on in Area 51! So stay tuned because we will explore them all in greater detail right here.
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