Why Are People Obsessed with the Idea of Aliens?
“Whether we call it an “alien abduction,” a UFO sighting, or just seeing lights in the sky, there seems to be something about extraterrestrial life that captures our imagination and curiosity.”
​​​According to a national survey by The National Geographic Channel, 48 percent of Americans believe that aliens have visited the Earth, and 80 percent believe that the government has concealed information about such visits. So why are people so obsessed with the idea of aliens?

1) It’s a consequence of our scientific worldview.
People are obsessed with the idea of aliens because it is a consequence of our scientific worldview. Science has led us to believe that life can only exist on Earth, which means that if we’re not alone in the universe, then there must be something out there. This thought excites people to explore and learn more about space and other planets. People also want to know what these beings could teach us or how they might help humans advance as a species. Aliens have become an obsession for many because they represent possibilities for learning about what lies beyond our own planet’s atmosphere.

2) People long for a close connection with something greater than themselves.
For some, the idea of aliens provides this sense of connection. They see aliens as beings who are more advanced and powerful than humans, which can make people feel insignificant. Some people may also see aliens as a way to connect with a higher power or spiritual realm. This could explain why scientists like Michio Kaku say that we need to focus on extraterrestrial life and the possibility of an afterlife.

3) It’s exciting!
For some, the idea of meeting a being from another planet is extremely exciting. It’s thrilling to think about beings who have mastered space travel and potentially have technology beyond our comprehension. People are also excited about the idea of a new planet, a whole new world that we could potentially colonize.

4) Something to believe in is better than nothing at all.
Believing in aliens provides hope for some people because it gives them something to look up to and believe in when they feel despair or emptiness. For many, God represents the only answer to questions about the meaning of life. Atheists then feel alone and hopeless because they don’t believe in God or anything else that could be considered divine. Believing in aliens, even if it’s unsubstantiated, can make people feel like there is something greater than themselves to guide them. This hope allows people to continue searching for meaning in their lives.

5) It’s a way of coping with the fear of death.
Some people may be obsessed with the idea of aliens because it offers them an escape from the fear of death. Death is a topic that many people find difficult to think about, so they may avoid it altogether. The thought of meeting aliens and exploring other worlds provides a way for people to avoid thinking about their own mortality. It’s a way of coping with the fear of death by imagining that there is something else out there that awaits us after we die.

No one knows for sure why people are so obsessed with the idea of aliens, but these are five possible explanations. Whatever the reason may be, it’s clear that this fascination is here to stay. So keep your eyes open for those UFOs and don’t be surprised if you see people talking about aliens in the grocery store line or at the bus stop!​