So what are starlink satellites? It sounds like something that Tony Stark might have launched from his defense contractor

Stark Industries in an Iron Man comic book. It’s easy to forget that the categorize comic book movies into the science fiction category. This should remind us why.

What are Starlink satellites?  They are internet satellites launched from Falcon 9 rockets. They launched 60 satellites which SpaceX hopes will eventually be thousands. They are tasked with delivering internet globally all over the world. They weigh 500 pounds each and it has been confirmed that they are online. The next step is to deploy the solar panels to keep them powered. These satellites will have a low earth orbit to make sure there is a low latency. If you don’t know that term that just means how long it takes to access them between clicks when you are using the internet.

The goal is for this project to fund valuable research which will eventually lead to traveling to Mars. The projection is for the service to reach $3 Billion a year in subscription revenue.