Mars Trip

TRUMP: SCREW THE MOON, MARS IS WHERE IT’S AT It’s an interesting concept. He makes a good point we have already been to the moon. In fact that trip was 50 years ago. Going there again isn’t really a very impressive achievement. But getting to the Mars would be an impressive advancement. After all these […]

Navy Pilots Document UFO

I  think it’s important to remember that UFO stands for unidentified flying object. This is any object that can’t be identified. It could be an alien saucer or just something that no one can identify. Many times there is perfectly plausible explanations. An article was published by the NY Times which is generally a very […]

SpaceX Launches Starlink

So what are starlink satellites? It sounds like something that Tony Stark might have launched from his defense contractor Stark Industries in an Iron Man comic book. It’s easy to forget that the categorize comic book movies into the science fiction category. This should remind us why. What are Starlink satellites?  They are internet satellites launched […]