2019 – Senate Gets Classified Briefing About UFO’s

It’s been years that people have been claiming that they have seen UFO’s and today after all this time some members of the Senate Armed Intelligence Comity got a briefing. To quote the democratic member “If naval pilots are running into unexplained interference in the air, that’s a safety concern,” Senator Warner said. What did they really reveal to the few Senators that got the report. Also why did only 3 Senators get briefed. What are they hiding? Is there actually proof the Earth has been visited? Or are these UFO’s some secret flying machine created by one of our Earth enemies?

As they say on TV “The truth is out there.” But Americans will not know the facts at least not today. Maybe in the near future we will get the facts. Maybe we will make first contact as a species. If we do are these aliens good or bad? And why would the government be keeping it a secret.  Read the entire article in politico.

Senators get classified briefing on UFO sightings


Mars Trip


It’s an interesting concept. He makes a good point we have already been to the moon. In fact that trip was 50 years ago. Going there again isn’t really a very impressive achievement. But getting to the Mars would be an impressive advancement. After all these years of space travel has technology advanced enough to make a trip to Mars safe? We have sent plenty of probes that distance.

I love the idea of a few space stations along the way manned by humans. But maybe that offers little benefit.

The president seemed to be more interested in a military space program than exploration. I’m not sure we need defense in space. If an alien visits Earth I’m pretty sure their advanced technology would make our space defense worthless. My theory is that if they have the technology to travel all the way here then their military capabilities will be far superior to ours. Our best hope is that they are friendly. If you ever saw the show that Falling Skies that should be our worst fear. An alien species comes to Earth for invasion bringing an entire fleet of different types of alien life forms with them. An all the aliens are controlled by an evil overlord with tons of advanced powerful destructive technologies would spell certain doom for humanity even with Trump’s military defense. If you don’t believe me take a look at this video to see what some evil alien life forms might be like.

My suggestion is invest the money in developing better technologies to help Earth. The more advanced our science is the better shape we will be in if the day comes that we need to battle aliens. Think about World War 2. America harnessed the entire resources of the country to create a military industrial complex to defeat the Nazi’s. I say let’s worry about that when the time comes. Until that time. Let’s build better drones. Build better transportation. Build better renewable energy. Build autonomous cars. We need better wireless technology. Cheap efficient battery supply. How many times has a battery gone bad in a phone or lap top. We need to be able to store power in our homes from the sun. We need to have technology that cleans the environment and water supply more efficiently. We need to extract water from the air. We need to grow organic non GMO food locally so food is fresh and not contaminated. This would limit the cost of pollution of transporting food to market.

These are all technologies that will make traveling to Mars safer quicker and cheaper.

Think about your last trip to the market to buy product to make a salad. It is usually not fresh. If you go to Costco  look at the pick date. Generally it was picked over two weeks prior. And costco has the best produce in all of Arizona. We need to start growing that stuff in doors. This way there is less water required. The food is fresher. The food doesn’t need to be transported across the world while the transportation pollutes the environment. If we traveled to mars the people need fresh healthy food. They will need a ton of water. We better develop cheap technology to produce water. Water after all is jus hydrogen and oxygen. This way the children of cities like Flynt michigan never need to drink poisonous water. There could be a machine that produces water and not a pipe that brings water into their homes.

This vanity fair article is interesting. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2019/06/donald-trump-moon-mars-travel because it states that the Space Directive #1 is to get America back on the moon. I would think there is a lot of science that could be done on the moon that would help make travel to Mars safer and it would also help us get moving in that direction quicker.

I have read a lot about the radiation issue of traveling that distance in space to the human body. If that is true and the biggest issue we need to overcome before traveling to Mars is realistic. I would suggest developing that technology on the moon. The moon is in fact part of Earth’s orbit not Mars. And for the record I want to be sure you know that the sun is actually larger than our planet. The earth orbits the sun. The earth is not the center of the universe. Although it might feel that way to humanity. There is a lot of space out there to explore.

I would imagine that a trip to Mars would require a much larger vehicle than the kind we have used to go to the moon. Saturn V space vehicle was not much more than a rocket. I would love to see us send a lot more stuff into space. Better living environments. One advancement that might make the travel a lot simpler is artificial gravity. Who wants to spend a lot of time or days floating. I rather be able to walk.

Another topic I would like to bring up is that the only country to have sent manned missions to the moon is America. I would like to see another country be able to facilitate a manned mission to the moon. Create a little competition. Surely other nations have the technology and scientists to achieve this. Is the expense that great? Is America the only country in the world with the resources people and gold to facilitate a manned mission to the moon.

Let’s look at Russia. They are almost no longer a first world nation. Their oil reserves and nuclear weapons are the only things keeping them as a world power. If we got off dependence to petroleum that would leave Russia in a precarious place. Their GDP is smaller than California and Italy. Italy for the record is one of the least powerful financial counties in the EU. Even when you look at Russian population. Population rank they are almost out of the top 10. Mexico could over take them in the next decade. Think about that for a while. Russia has the oldest median age in the world. This isn’t caused by advanced healthcare that keeps people alive longer. It’s caused by a lot birthrate. So they probably aren’t the country to depend on for a manned lunar mission.

Navy Pilots Document UFO

I  think it’s important to remember that UFO stands for unidentified flying object. This is any object that can’t be identified. It could be an alien saucer or just something that no one can identify. Many times there is perfectly plausible explanations.

An article was published by the NY Times which is generally a very trustworthy news source about a group of Navy pilots who saw something that they couldn’t identify or explain. They said it was moving extremely fast. They even managed to get video of it. The object was at 30,000 feet and moving at sonic speeds. These two factors make it very tough to come up with a plausible explanation. It’s probably not fiction.

SpaceX Launches Starlink

So what are starlink satellites? It sounds like something that Tony Stark might have launched from his defense contractor

Stark Industries in an Iron Man comic book. It’s easy to forget that the categorize comic book movies into the science fiction category. This should remind us why.

What are Starlink satellites?  They are internet satellites launched from Falcon 9 rockets. They launched 60 satellites which SpaceX hopes will eventually be thousands. They are tasked with delivering internet globally all over the world. They weigh 500 pounds each and it has been confirmed that they are online. The next step is to deploy the solar panels to keep them powered. These satellites will have a low earth orbit to make sure there is a low latency. If you don’t know that term that just means how long it takes to access them between clicks when you are using the internet.

The goal is for this project to fund valuable research which will eventually lead to traveling to Mars. The projection is for the service to reach $3 Billion a year in subscription revenue.